potrait sketsa wajah sample

I have bought this course because I wanted to be able to draw realistic portraits and I felt
that I did not have the skills to produce a beautiful realistic portrait.
This course has been a great help, although I still need loads of practice I feel that I have
learned so much through following this course in techniques and observation.  The lessons
are so easy to follow especially with the aid of the process maps which show which steps
to tackle next. 
The reference photos are also a great help to those who need material to work from, I
myself preferred to use my own photos to work from as they are of more interest to me

I thought that this course would be benefit from a section on how to draw/trace the head
before you add the features. When I wrote to Christopher about this he answered promptly
and suggested ways of doing this and even sent me a video link to help me with this
I feel that my work has improved a great deal since I started this course and I still use it as
reference whenever I work on a new portrait. I would recommend this course to anyone who
wants to draw truly realistic portraits from photographs.


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